As developers for us different levels of Isolation in traditional RDMS are bit difficult to understand. It took me a while to go through online links to understand subtle differences and their implication between different isolation levels in general and then specifically for MySQL.

I have shared some of the important links I found on internet, I am summarising my understanding of some important pieces with demo example .

Isolation Levels : Degree of locking ( OR MVCC levels ) on database records for the concurrent data access. higher the level, more the locking and better degree of isolation. Generally…

Publish to Celery from any programming language

Celery is de facto async task processing queue for python. while in majority of cases both publisher and consumer are in python so we end up using celery to invoke tasks . However there may be cases when you want to executes celery tasks from other languages .

Celery publisher and consumers communicate over a message protocol . so as long as publisher adheres to a protocol we should be able to integrate celery from any programming language .

Celery does documents this and provides a protocol schema on its official doc .

However in practise I found it…

Interpreted language will never match the performance of compiled languages . Ever since I moved on to python from C/C++ , I always wanted to combine best of both worlds by extending python in C .

To gauge performance benefits i tried coding same algorithm (trivial sort ) in python , C & Cython . followed by running different versions of same algorithm with same input size

Lets start by writing a simple C code

void swap(int * a, int * b) {
int tmp = * a; * a = * b; * b = tmp;
void sort(int *…

Abhijeet Gorhe

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